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It's been ages since i updated. Still not much to say except i found the lyrics translation for SHINee's Get It last night and stayed up til 3am listening to it over and over again and ignoring my increasingly large pile of homework.

I stan them so hard now. Onew is most definitely my bias; i love his parts in every single song they do!

Also can't wait for the Gantz movie to come out! The second trailer was epic.
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One of my worst fears has just happened..

I was taking a shower when i saw TWO spiders dangling above me. Just my luck, to have the way bigger one inching closer to me. I almost unleased a huge girly scream everytime it looked like it was losing its balance and was about to fall onto me. But since it was late night, i settled for a weird gasp/squeak.

Needless to say, that was the quickest shower i've had in my entire life.

Moving onto something more positive, my copy of Arashi All the Best! should be here any day now. Even my subconscious is so excited that i wake up around the time the post comes all by myself! Alarms don't seem to have any effect on me anyway.

Oh, and my exam results weren't as bad as i thought they were going to be (i expected all fails). They're not the best but they're not so bad that no one can kick me out of college or something.





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He who laughs last didn't get it..

My friend's birthday is this week and she wants to go watch Star Trek to celebrate. I feel a bit excited but nerdy at the same time probably because it's Star Trek. There's always going to be some weird stigma around it.

I'm seriously mad now that i've worked out i can only get ONE copy of the new Arashi single. I'm torn between the two LEs. Should i get Crazy Moon or Ashita no Kioku?

Argh my exams are next week too and I know this won't sink in until i'm actually in the exam room. Then I'll panic. But until then..

(Oh and for some reason i'm thinking of writing something Naruse x Koichi even though i am meant to be revising. I have more ideas of Naruse x Koi-chan love than i do of psychology case studies. Really not productive college-wise when in my head i've already planned out the first 2 chapters. Guess i can't stop Ohmiya from overpowering my mind.)

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It's been so long since i updated!

So, to sum up the past few weeks, all that's happened to me is that my phone has been stolen twice in a matter of 3 weeks. And the first time was the day after i bought it. It wasn't even 24 hours! Even if you count the 7 hours i was asleep and the 12 hours they told me to leave on charge first time round. So basically, i only played on that phone for a few mere hours before someone stole it! I was in college too! So not fair!
I didn't panic at all because i did have insurance, which freaked my friend out because who doesn't panic when you lose your phone?? I think i made it worse by smiling all crazy like and making jokes about it. She now thinks that there's something seriously wrong with my head.

I went to the shop to get a replacement but it was so embarassing because the guy who helped me buy the phone recognised me and was just so in disbelief it was gone that quick.

Second time was bad. It happened about 2 weeks after i got my first replacement. I actually did panic that time and had a major (but quiet) freak out in the shop. I was with the same friend and i think part of her was glad that i can react normally to things. Insurance took longer this time and it was just such a pain to deal with.

So right now, i am on my 3rd phone. And i am sticking to it! I am just going to screw if someone steals this one too since i've had this long enough to have taken a lot of photos and actually personalise it.

Oh but all of that kind of pales in comparison to what i did today. I made a total idiot of myself in front of the guy I liked!
I was left alone with him and for most of that time all i managed to do was look at the floor continuously because if i made eye contact with him, god forbid, i would just die. Ok, exaggerating but still..

We did sort of have a conversation, but i was just thinking the entire time 'OMGOMG don't freak out !!'

Oh and the times i found the courage to look up? Big mistake. I had a goofy smile on my face and then looked back down again.

And it had to be on the day when i made zero effort to get dressed properly! I mean, i like my t-shirt; it's nice, just not impressive.

Why am i such a girl?? I'm very sure this never happened to me before. Now i feel like i regressed back to being a 13 year old girl.

I hate to admit it, but in the end, i was way happy because i got to talk to him.

Oh my God, I'm 13 again >_<

Erm, yay?

You Scored as Ariake Koichi

overprotective . wise . depressed

Ariake Koichi
Ariake Shizuna
Ariake Taisuke
Togami Yukinari

I'm very happy I got Koichi because he's so adorable!
But depressed? >_<

Quiz courtesy of peniko!

Beware! Ranting ahead...

Very pissed off at the moment. I wanted to watch the 2nd part of the Tokyo Friend Park II Arashi special so i downloaded all the parts, using a lot of bandwidth in the process, but when i try to unpack it with 7-Zip like i did with the 1st part it says 'CAN NOT OPEN FILE'. Very fricking cute! I don't see how it won't work. I had no problems with the first part but when i try to do the same with the second part it just never works! This isn't even the first time i've tried it. My first attempt was in October! I really want to see how it ends so if anyone knows what i'm doing wrong can you please tell me?

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i want arashi and zombies!

Ok i'm meant to be revising but i got distracted by a very sudden craving for Arashi zombie fic! Just any fic with Arashi and zombies; i don't care about anything else, i just want to read something with that in it! Arashi + zombies = interesting fun! I tried searching for it but i failed so...  ( i was also looking for the Maou DVD booklet scans at the time). Google never seems to work for me!

I don't even know if Arashi zombiefic exists!!

But if it does, please point out where and i will love you forever!

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My New Year's Resolutions have a lifespan of approximately 5 seconds...

So much for 'stop eating so much junk food' and 'stop overusing LOL'. I tried so hard with the latter too. I really wanted to stop using it a lot of the time. And failed...lol.

Anyway, hope everyone's had fun over the holidays and New Year's!

It sucks to go back to normal everyday life now. Probably because, in my case, i had 3 exams waiting for me. Unbelievable! But oh well, i've finished my Psychology one today so 2 more to go!